6 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business

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24 Jul 2012

With more than 500 million active users; twitter holds 2nd position among top social media platforms. Over the past two years, marketing on twitter has been considered of utmost priority due to its popularity, functionality and usefulness among users. Twitter is an amazing marketing tool; often used by small business owners to brand their products or services and engage with the customers.

However, Twitter can be a complete waste of time and effort if used thoughtlessly. Following twitter marketing tips will not only help you improve the number of targeted followers but also help you engage and drive them to your website.

1. Following – Twitter is a huge marketing platform where one can find almost all sorts of businesses and social interests’ followers. So it’s important to understand who to follow and where to find them. Finding twitter list is one of the best ways to get your target audience who share similar interests. You can find these lists by using some popular tools such as TweetDeck Directory, Listorious and Google by typing site:twitter.com “YOUR TAG” “lists” in the search box. You can also find lists from a profile under the message box. Once you are done with “List Follow” you can easily find popular users with similar interests and follow their followers and followings.

2. Scheduling – More quality tweets, more engagement! So the frequency of the tweets is the key to success. But, what if you are away and can’t tweet? Well, you can use some great scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Timely, Twaitter and other tools on a particular day and time.

3. Content – Content is king! Be it SEO or social media; content remain one of the most important factors. Twitter being a micro-blogging site, allows you to write your tweet within 140 characters. If your tweet content is not relevant, you could possibly be not noticed. Also unique tweet content are retweeted by non-followers who eventually become your followers.

4. Link Share – One of the main proposes of marketing on twitter is to improve Click Through Rate of shared link. A strategic link placement can improve tweet clicks. Some marketers believe that longer tweets have more CTR than shorter tweets. Placing link in tweet after the opening words can be one the best ways to get more clicks.

5. Connecting & Engaging – Your followers are your asset and they can help you build your network by sharing your information to their followers. Thus connecting, engaging and building relationships are also important than wring tweets frequently. The best way to market your tweet is to share others’ tweets by retweeting, mentioning the source of tweets to your followers. It improves the chances of your tweet being mentioned by others whenever you write a post. You can also target top tweet contributors and engage with them more often. Fair game! Favor and Get Favor.

6. Observing & Analysing – Observing your twitter activities can help you improve your performance. Tools such as Twitter Grader, Tweetcloud and Twitter Karma are popular tools to observe your overall performance and optimize according to your choice.