Critical Aspects of Social Media Marketing

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6 Apr 2012


Over the past couple of years, Social Media Marketing has emerged as one of the mainstream marketing activities. Almost all major and mid -sized businesses have their team of Social Media Experts, identifying the channels of communication and engaging the audience into two-way conversation. Companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, Starbucks, and Red Bull have very strong presence on Facebook and FourSquare, allowing their customers to interact with each other as well as the organization. By doing so, not only have they improved their products and services but also allowed their customers to have their say.

However, Social Media Marketing isn’t just limited to engaging people in talks; it entails many other aspects that are aimed at empowering a company’s reputation, brand value and visibility. These are the most critical aspects of social media marketing and together they determine the value improvement and overall effectiveness.

Be it a book or a popular gadget; consumers today a far more informed than what they used to be a decade ago. Most of them do a little research, read reviews and make decision according to the perception they form about your product or service. They also don’t forget to tweet their opinion on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. A good opinion may enhance the value of a product and service; at the same time a bitter experience can even affect sales & revenue. Companies evaluate entire social media marketing aspects; in order to balance such occurrences. Rebuttals by representative of the business may avoid the negative impact on a product or service.

A careful strategy to work on these social channels is the key to success in social media marketing. It includes instant help through chat, opinion board, community chat and attending phone calls (even if they are meant for general inquiry). Asking consumers to write a few lines about your products, referring to friends and engaging them in conversation for a favorable outcome will lead you to make a better strategy.

Evaluation process is another aspect that helps you decide where to put more effort that turns out to be effective outcome of overall marketing. Understanding current situation, technology analysis and understanding consumer behavior towards the product are some other important points one should keep into account whilst creating a social media marketing strategy.