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22 Mar 2012

With the objective of getting additional and perpetual online exposure; today, almost all businesses today aspire to rank on top in major search engines. But the questions is why Ethical SEO; aren’t there any other way to generate leads and sales?

Of course! There are end number of ways you can promote your websites; in fact, you can use several other online marketing methods for quicker results.

On the other hand, search engine optimization, especially the ethical SEO is one of the best ways to receive steady and motivated traffic to your website. Ethical SEO should not be mistaken of blackhat or greyhat SEO. As the name suggests, it is all about promoting and developing your website which is search engine friendly and compliant with search engine guidelines.Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing are the main source for finding information on the web. Consumers or online users make billions of search queries everyday looking for information various sorts and nature. The search engines, following their algorithm, rank the websites and those with highest search engine popularity are awarded the top rankings. In order to get user friendly search results, these search engines have made certain guidelines for site owners and their webmasters which are crucial and should never be violated.

In recent Panda updates, Google has been sending a clear message that duplicate content and inappropriate search engine marketing will not be tolerated. And they really are walking the talk; penalizing thousands of websites every month.

The problem with a majority of SEO companies is that they are still following the same old search engine optimization metrics, link exchanges and thoughtless link building. Those who comply with search engine guidelines complain of being pressurized the clients for overnight increase in traffic. As a result, they feel compelled to look for Blackhat or Greyhat SEO strategies.

Today, just put in a search query, ‘SEO company’ or hire an SEO; you will be prompted with dozens of companies claiming to be the best. Some of them even claim to give you so and so percentage of traffic increase in less than 15 days. The Risk Is Yours!

A reputed SEO company which is committed to providing organic or ethical search traffic, will never make any claim until they thoroughly review your website, the keywords and the competition.

Now the question comes—How to distinguish ethical or organic SEO service providers from blackhat or non-ethical SEO service providers?

The very first thing you must do is speak with their team; or ask them to call you back on your number. Before them, make sure you ask them the following questions and get their assurance:

Whether they promote a website by ban SEO techniques?

Do they use duplicate content, fake link, link farming, clocking, and hiding texts to promote a website?

Are they promising top 10 ranking in a short span of time? If yes, what is their strategy? And finally, will they be held accountable if your website is penalized due to their non ethical SEO practices.


At SeoproIndia, we employ some the best ethical SEO strategies which will not only give you edge in your business niche but also get you more search popularity and ROI.

Our ethnic SEO strategies include the following:

• Search Engine Friendly Website Structure
• Internal linking structure
• Unique Meta Title & Description
• Writing Quality Content
• Right Keyword Density
• User & XML Sitemap Creations
• Search Engine Submission & Indexing
• Directory submissions
• PR Activities
• High quality link building
• Blog Posting & Promoting
• Social Media Activities

Organic or ethical SEO strategies may not get you thousands of traffic; instead, it will send you motivated traffic by optimizing your website on the related keywords. It’s a slow and steady process which can take 4 to 8 months. It will make your website popular among users and give you a sustainable approach in the Online Businesses.