Google Adwords’ Flexible Reach Feature

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3 Jul 2012

Advertising on Content Network has become more flexible, easy and convenient with Google Adwords’ Flexible Reach feature. It’s designed under Display Network tab to give you more control over display ads. The setting allows you to choose display network websites of your choice.


“Flexible Reach” setting enables you to manage display ads on both Campaign and Group level

Campaign Level – You can choose one targeted method per ad group; either “Broad reach,” or “Specific reach

Group Level – It allows you to choose multiple targeting methods making it “Flexible Reach” within your ad groups. So now you can choose your bid for placements and control them for different targeting methods.

How to enable “Flexible Reach”?
To enable this feature, you can simply go to Campaign Setting > Networks and Devices > Display Network and choose “Flexible Reach”. Also note that if you enable this feature you can’t go back to normal setting.
You can also choose Broad or Specific Reach under the setting.

Once you enable “Flexible Reach” in your campaign any new ad group will have this feature automatically. All new ad groups’ targeted setting can be selected if you add targeting methods such as placements, to them. The same setting can be applied if you delete targeting method in existing ad groups.