Google Introduces Adwords Campaign Bid Simulator

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13 May 2012

Google introduced Adwords Campaign Bid Simulator that enables you to bid at campaign level. So far you have been able to simulate bid changes at keyword and ad group level. The Campaign Bid Simulator makes the task a lot easier as it allows you to make bid changes at campaign scale.

What are the benefits?

1.It’s easily manageable features allow you to bid higher or lower at certain percentage e.g. 10%

2. You can test/check low search volume keywords and see the difference

3. It helps you analyze weather you need to increase the budget of your ad campaign and avoid the ad limit at new value

4. It allows you to change the entire campaign bid at a single go and understand overall ad performance

5. Ad simulation data can easily be downloaded at campaign and account level.

6. Advertisers can also download Adwords editor-compatible file along with the simulated bid amount, ad groups and keywords to which they should be applied.


How to access?
Go to Opportunities and select Campaign Bid Simulator from left navigation