Original Content for Better SEO Performance

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9 Apr 2012


Over the years, the Internet has profoundly influenced almost all facets of our lives including business and commerce. Today, almost all businesses carry a web identity and are keen on communicating with people through social networks and blogs. Since a majority of people surf the internet for the sole purpose of seeking information; creating a clear, persuasive and original content can make or break your website and the business that relies on it.

Being original is by far one of the best practices to attract more visitors and keep them coming to your website over and over again. Moreover, it’s the content that helps your customers connect with you and form opinion about your product or service. Writing original content has several other benefits: It not only sets you apart from your competitors, but also improves your website’s SEO performance and brings you more search visibility.

Writing unique and original content is one of the most difficult tasks in today’s competitive scenario where thousands of bloggers, companies are writing on similar subjects every day. There is a tug of war on each subject, keyword or interest, making it increasingly difficult to write unique content for better SEO performance of your website.

Almost all SEO Professionals struggle to get the website at better positions. Gone are the days where old SEO practices (directory submissions, bookmarking, forum posting, article posting and link building with similar content) worked to get prominent positions in major search engines. In current scenario, where Google’s Panda Updates have already claimed thousands of websites, the task of getting a higher ranking in search engines is more difficult than ever. Ranking on top isn’t the only challenge, the next challenge challenge—invoving and keeping your visitors to stay on the website—remains of utmost priority.

Writing original content is the only solution that can help you obtain your audience. Following points will describe the benefits of original content: –

  • Your reader finds it worth reading
  • Being unique gets noticed by your target audience
  • People link back to your content and chances are that they also share it on social networks
  • Gets you more followers and increases the number of frequent visitors
  • Easy to find among other contents
  • Search engine gives more value to your content
  • Ultimately establishes your reputation as an authority website

Considering the advantages above, you need to develop the habit of writing original content for your website. Copy-paste and rephrasing will simply not help!

Some other suggestions that will help you write your content more effectively include: –

Objective  –  Understand the objective before writing your content and collect the information based on your interest.
Information  –  Focus on information that will compel your visitors to revisit your website as future reference
Go Against  –  Do research on a popular topic and write against it. People find it more interesting over other similar topics
No Similar Content  –  There is no point working on a topic which has been written by many authors. It will just take away your time and energy resulting into a few visitors to your website.

Inverted Comma Search –  Before you finally publish your content, make sure you have put it through plagiarism and copyescape tests. Make inverted comma search in Google on your main keyword phrases. Ensure that the copied phrases do not exceed four or five words mark.

Citing a source — This is one of the most critical aspects of content writing. You must not forget to cite the source you collected the information from.