The Smartphone Phenomenon – How to Leverage Smartphone Users into Free Viral Marketing

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6 Aug 2012

With the world running unceasingly towards the phenomenon of Smart phones, Free Viral Marketing has initiated using Smartphone as a means to marketing businesses. Free viral marketing is deemed to be a successful strategy for the development of your businesses, whether it is online or offline. Besides, the term free viral marketing as a business promotion method is highly in line with the term mainstream networking. As a business owner, location-based services become highly accessible for you with the help of a Smartphone.

Free viral marketing as linked to Smartphone phenomenon involves a gamut of techniques aiming to spread across the name of a business through a ‘viral process’. The major advantage is that the business buzz can be alluded at a fast pace among the target audience. The main highlight of the same revolves around the use of Social networking sites such as Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare to spread the promotional message across the web-wide audience that too within a short amount of time. As we all know that social media forms a part and parcel of viral marketing, making the whole process highly simple yet effective, social networking is linked to an array of advantages when it comes to promoting a business. The main advantage posed by aforementioned social sites is the large audience it caters to, and that too, of all age groups. Since, we have a segregated target audience both in terms of age groups and business areas, drawing on to them makes the marketing process all the more easy and pro-active.

Capturing a wide audience for your business, Facebook offers its Check-in services. You can create an official business page, highlighting the complete details of its origin, services, to its location. As a facebook user check’s-in at your business, the facebook friends get updated about their activity. By this, more and more users get to know about your business thereby enhancing your customer chain. Facebook’s check-in service lets a business marketer understand the demographics of their visitors, offer special deals and discount on check-in to promote their business online and rewarding the customers for loyalty (which you can of course keep a track of with the help of check-in service).

Besides, the newly-launched “Check-In Offers” feature on Yelp too aims to present your business with a podium to offer discounts to customers. Yelp offers business owners like you to create three kinds of promotional offers namely percent off, free or fixed price offers. The same serves a great opportunity for both new and old businesses to promote repeat check-ins, thereby fetching brand loyalty. When Yelp users visit your store, they can avail the offer when he or she “check-in” using their iPhone or Android phone. Hence, you can spread across information regarding your business to other users, and at the same time offer promotional offers to your prospective customers.

By having a robust and informative business profile on foursquare, you can capitalize on foursquare use by your customers. They can check-in on foursquare anytime using their Smartphone. As a customer checks-in, he or she can pass on his or her comments thereby exposing it further to many more potential customers. Business owners can add new updates linked to their business and update the same among its prospective customers with the use of Foursquare. In fact, renowned coffee brand Starbucks and high-end clothing label Marc Jacob are actively using foursquare to promote their business. Involving a simple and speedy sign-up process free of cost, Foursquare also assists its users to in setting up a reward program.

For all this and more, it becomes critically important for your business to have their online presence on social media channels. They are a boon to business, but only if you know how to capitalize on them.